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Beautiful & Sustainable Flooring Built to Last

Green Design Group offers Cali Bamboo Flooring

Cali Bamboo

Cali Bamboo flooring is the perfect union of beauty, sustainability, and uncompromised strength and durability.


Strips are cut from whole bamboo canes and are boiled to remove sugars and preserve the wood. Only premium quality strips are selected for manufacturing, while lower quality strips are sold to discount flooring companies. After 15 days of treatment and drying, a final moisture content of 6%-8% is achieved to ensure optimum stability. Whether you choose to nail, glue or float, Cali Bamboo’s tongue and groove system makes every floor installation a breeze.

Green Design Group offers a wide selection of Design Materials Flooring

Design Materials, Inc.

Design Materials, Inc. (DMI) floor coverings are made from sisal, sea grass, mountain grass, coir, cork and wool all of which are renewable, sustainable and biodegradable.


The growers we work with have been practicing their craft for centuries with respect for their land and their people. These crops sustain their culture and are part of an eco-system that supports life, sustains the earth and betters our future.

Green Design Group offers a wide selection of Torzo Surfaces Flooring

TorZo Surfaces

Torzo is a sustainable product, made in Oregon, from certified wood and agricultural by products all of there products contain no added urea formaldahyde. Their sheet material can be used to make countertops, furniture, wall cladding, cabinetry and ceiling treatments. All products are made from natural raw materials including renewable sorghum straw, hemp, wheat, and wood and there are four jewel tone colors and four earthy colors to choose from. Both the Orient and Tiikeri line provide sheet as well as flooring material. Torzo can be used to gain numerous LEEDS credits.

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